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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Best Public Speaker Royals: Crown Princess Mary, Queen Rania and Crown Princess Sarah

Royals are watched out for their fashion styles, jewelries and tiaras, hairstyles, public demeanor and ranked by their beauty.  But not much attention has been given to their public speaking skills.

I have watched a few videos of the most famous female royalties and these three are quite impressive.


Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has the most melodious voice among them all. Witty and charismatic, she charms her way to your ears. She delivers her speech with spontaneity with the royal confidence befitting a future Queen.

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Queen Rania of Jordan is a confident speaker. Delivers her speech with authority and practiced  wit. 

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Crown Princess Sarah, her distinctive voice vibrates youthfulness and empathy.  Firm in her speech yet exudes warmth and sincerity.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Nutritious Breakfast Recipes (Malunggay, Cucumber, Camote Leaves, Tomato and Egg)

What is most wonderful in waking up in a Saturday or Sunday morning? No work:) And of course,
the time to whip up some healthy veggies for breakfast.

Here are some of my favorite personal recipes which you can try:

Boiled Camote (Young) Leaves and Cucumber

I mix cucumber slices with boiled camote leaves for a nutritious combination. 
For a hassle-free eating, I take out the seeds from the cucumber.
Top it with this homemade sauce:

        2   Tablespoons of Coconut Vinegar
        1/2 Cup water
        1   Tablespoon brown sugar
        1   Whole tomato, sliced lengthwise
         Boil all ingredients in a saucepan, once the sauce thickens a bit, or to the consistency preferred,          it is done.        

Boiled Egg with Fresh Green and Ripe Tomatoes

         2-3 boiled egg/s, sliced whichever way you prefer:), arrange it on one side of the plate.
         1-2 tomato/es, cube size, add a bit of salt and mix. Place it beside the slices of egg/s. 

         When I slice the tomato/es, I do it in plate so I can save the juice and pour it in the egg/s slices.
          Also, I do not mix the tomato and the eggs at once when serving as it affects the taste of both.

Cucumber and Pineapple Salad

         Cucumber is often times served with vinegar. For my children to eat cucumber, I thought of 
         preparing it in a way more palatable for their taste buds.

         1 medium-size cucumber, sliced 
         1 small pack of pineapple tidbits
            salt to taste

         Pour the pineapple tidbits in a bowl, add a pinch of salt to taste. 
         Then add the sliced cucumber. 
         Chill before serving.

         When preparing the cucumber, be sure to wash all utensils, specially the knife, including the 
         handle. Then wash your hands. Be sure not to touch anything while  peeling the cucumber.

So there!

Nothing beats than starting your day right with a healthy breakfast.  
My bonus recipe: Instead of coffee or milk, I have a special morning routine - Malunggay Lemonade.
It is refreshing and good for cleansing too.
       Boil 3 cups of water
       Upon boiling, add 1 cup of malunggay leaves.
       Let it boil for 3-5 minutes.
       Serve in cups.
       Squeeze 2 calamansis
       Add brown sugar to taste

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prince Harry and Miss World Megan Young

I feel like matchmaking today:)

He is a bit wild. (read: Las Vegas romp)
She is conservative. (read: Sex is for marriage)

prince harry and miss world megan young

She is  demure and responsible.
He is charming and free.

prince harry and miss world megan young

He seeks responsibility.
She had it since she was 10.

prince harry and miss world megan young

He is a man of the world.
She is simple and homey.

prince harry and miss world megan young

He is handsome. She is gracefully beautiful.

prince harry and miss world megan young

Now, Prince Harry will be the ultimate Prince Charming. 
Way, way ahead of Prince William:)

prince harry and miss world megan young

Diverse cultures can be exciting.

prince harry and miss world megan young

He is full of life.
She is confident and intelligent.

prince harry and miss world megan young

He is manly. She is poised.

prince harry and miss world megan young

He is a gentleman. She is elegant and a lady.

prince harry and miss world megan young

He is a soldier. She is beauty queen.

prince harry and miss world megan young

He looks good. She does too.

prince harry and miss world megan young

He's hot, She's sexy.

Prince Harry, marriage is for keeps.
Don't rush.